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Will the Closing of Guantamo Bay be a Precursive Event to the Mark?
By: Jay Antonic

The major question on everyone's mind lately, is "When President Obama closes Guantanamo Bay, what will happen to the terrorists?" I believe that the answer will unfold in this next year and a half.

If you have been following RFID, Verichip, GPS, and other implantable chip technology, it is not suprising that the technology exists to implant chips in people which track their whereabouts. 

I submit that the world will be calmed when they learn that all of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners will be microchipped with GPS trackable chips contain a number code that will serve as their identification.  They will not be able to make a move without alerting global authorities.  Also, they will not be able to move money.

In a global cashless fiscal system with implantable microchips, every transaction will be able to be tracked by the the number identifying the parties to the transaction, this number is embedded into the microchip and is scanned or used like a Social Security Number.

The gateways to the public acceptance of this process are these issues:
Freedom from Terrorism,
Access to medical records,
Identification, tracking,
Tracking of Criminals/Felons
Fraud prevention,
Identity theft prevention,
Tax fraud prevention
Controlling Illegal Immigration,

These things fit in very nicely with President Obama's declaration that we do not have to sacrifice our freedoms for our ideals. 

Here are some likely scenarios:

Why would people no longer desire to use cash?

Perhaps when the cash no longer has its value.  When there is so much of it in the market that is not circulating that it drives inflation up so high that it becomes worthless like many African countries.  When we no longer value our cash, and it is not backed by specie, we will demand revaluation of our currency.  This will be demanded globally when triggered by a worldwide recession.  By leveling global currencies electronically and insuring commerce and financial transactions through positive measures of identification, the chip will be introduced to the global scene as the "Solution" to most of the world's economic and social woes.  Already more and more people are using cards instead of cash.  When the government has large interested in private banks, and the banks cannot repay the loans, guess who owns the banks?  The Government.  When the government owns the banks, they own your entire personal banking history which includes your income, payments, debts, credit and more.  The thin wall of separation between the public and private sector will be eroded to the point where it no longer exists.

When the government introduces universal health care, the government will also demand that those records will be accessible nationwide.  Universal Applications need systems and controls in place for them to be effective.  The chip is that control.  It positively identifies the patient whether or not they are conscious, links to their medical records, can be implanted/read by any medical staff with a scanner (just like your vet can do now!) This system is already FDA approved and it exists.  The makers of this chip are already partnered with Microsoft to help deliver the network to patient consumers.  Global applications of this technology will mean that governments will effectively be able to see outbreaks of infectious diseases as they are reported medically.  By geo-tracking patients, they can contain viral diseases and pinpoint their origins, whether natural or contrived.  Companies producing the chip are peddling fear with common diseases that require tracking like alzheimers, epilepsy heart disease, diabetes and more. ;


By introducing the chip, it will allay fears of wondering who is hiding in the shadows to commit a heinous act of terrorism. It will positively identify who is entering or leaving a country. The identification capabilities can also be linked by virtue of the Patriot Act, inter-departmentally.  This means any institution that the government has oversight into: Universities, Post Offices, Banks that are Federally Insured, Driver Licensing.  It will also help civil and military authorities locate, identify, and track domestic and international criminal populations. Any time anyone buys or sells, travels, enrolls in a civil program, gets arrested, walks into an airport or courthouse, that ID will pop up on the network.  In this way, criminals cannot escape being found.  Military troops can be tracked using this technology.

With the chip, no one will ever be able to steal your wallet and your ID, hack your computer for your credit card information. No one can kidnap your children and not be caught. Missing persons will never be missing.  Drug dealers will no longer be able to move across borders with ease.  Felons cannot disappear into the shadows when they can be tracked.  If they even try to buy a stick of gum, they will need their chip.  So how will the government handle catching and incarcerating all of these repeat offenders?  In the secret FEMA prisons.  The reason FEMA could not react to Hurricane Katrina is because it was spending so much money being diverted to create secret prisons.  The closing of Guantanamo Bay is no problem because these prisons have already been built with Federal Dollars.

It is being peddled as the answer to crime, and also as a security measure to control access to secure government facilities.

What are the problems now facing our once-great nation?

Drugs and Gangs?
The chip can track them physically and financially

Medical Access?

Universal Healthcare and easy access to medical records via the chip

Anyone who is not chipped will not be able to get an income or buy food or escape taxation.

When children or travelers are chipped, they can be located via GPS

They can be found, tracked, or monitored. Visas can be monitored and passports will be unneccessary.

Who can steal cash or credit cards from you when you never have to carry them

Identity Theft/Fraud?
When all forms of identification are reconciled to the chip, no identity can be stolen.

Tax Evasion?
Making sure that everyone pays their fair share will be obligatory as the chip will be the gateway to your employee ID, your TAX ID, your Social Security, your Medicare, your Unemployment insurance.

So why if this all sounds like such an enormous resolution to world issues, does the Bible warn against it and proclaim it as part of the system of Antichrist?

First one must understand that Antichrist is not going to be some overtly diabolical mad person like one would see in "The Omen" or "The Exorcist".  Instead, he will be a man of the world, highly intelligent, an inspiring leader with a global appeal.  He will be seen as a visionary, and as a result of his work, the world will cry "Peace, Peace". 

Antichrist simply means, opposed to, against, or countering Christ.  Christ is controlled by God to offer salvation to people from heaven. The Antichrist will be controlled by Satan to offer salvation to people from within the world system.
There are many Antichrists, and there always has been a spirit of Antichrist.
Anyone who denies Christ, is in fact "anti" Christ.  Because Hollywood has so portrayed evil as embodied by some Demon or creature from Evil Dead 2, the world has been deluded from understanding what evil really is.  The AntiChrist will not be shockingly morbid or diabolical in appearance like Marilyn Manson.  Rather he will be attractive and well-liked. Revered. Worshipped. 

Evil is simply the opposite of Good.  In essence Evil is Lie, Good is Truth.  All evil has a root in some form of deception, distortion, omission, or perversion of Truth. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by me." But of Satan, Jesus warned that he was the "Father of Lies".

So, a man being filled by Satan, or posessed, may truly be utterly wicked.  But one forgets that Satan, a fallen archangel, posesses supreme intelligence and cunning. Of course he does use fear, violence, and malevolence to control people and shock them, but no one would truly accept a world leader so universally if this was his demeanor.  He already tried it in Hitler.   But... even Hitler used Charisma and oratory strength to delude the masses.  Privately he was deeply involved in the occult.

No, the universal leader of our time will use the chip system and harness it as a global solution.  He will broker true peace between Palestine and the Jews, how?  Because Satan, being the spirit provoking the sides to violence, will send his ambassador (antichrist) to sort it out. He being the architect of the violence, will influence the concessions that will allow for the peace itself.  The Bible even speaks of him confirming this Covenant, a 7 year treaty of peace which he himself will break after 3.5 years.

Some teach that the rapture of the church will help make this possible because the main wedge keeping the antichrist system from rising will be taken from the earth. However, even without that event happening before the advent of this system, many will compromise their beliefs when forced with the fact that they will not be able to make financial transactions without chip identification.  They will choose financial security and "staying on the grid" rather than suffer being shut out of the entire domestic and global system. Some people will refuse to take the chip, but they will be forced out of mainstream civilization into pockets of resistance. With antichrist and that system having free reign, he will declare world peace and be hailed as the Messiah.

During this process, the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt.  As I write this, everything is already in place for that to begin.  The Sanhedrin, the artifacts, the red heifer, etc.  The global man will declare himself to be messiah in that temple and will be accepted as such. Muslims will hail him as the Mahdi, some Jews as Messiah, some as the returned Christ, agnostics and atheists will revere him for his accomplishments. 

So how close is this?  in 2006 Tommy Thompson who was the former Secretary of Health and Human Services under GWB, joined (and now has left) the board of Verichip, the company owned by 'Digital Angel' (interesting name eh?) that produces the implantable chip, placed in the right arm that when scanned, produces a 16 digit number.

The gentleman Scott Silverman in this video, just took over Verichip as the controlling interest.  The newscaster comments: "I already have them in my dogs, why wouldn't I have them in my children too?"

Revelation 13
 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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Will the Closing of Guantamo Bay be a Precursive Event to the Mark?
By: Jay Antonic
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