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Will Barack Obama usher in the Mahdi? It's all in a name.
By: Jay Antonic

Barack Hussein Obama was born Barry Soetoro.

He has used these other names:
Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham.

Meaning of Buraq:
The Buraq (Arabic: ا„بُرا‚ al-buraaq, meaning lightning; Turkish: Burak), is a mythical creature from Islamic tradition. It was said to have been a creature from the heavens, which in the 7th century, carried the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Miraj (Night Journey), which is the title of one of the chapters of the Qur'an.

Meaning of Hussein:
Hussein is an Arabic name that means "good-looking." It can be traced back to the Arabic hasuna, meaning "to be good," or "to be beautiful." One of the first forms of the name was Hasan, who in Islamic tradition was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed.[1] Hussein, or Husayn, was originally used as a familiar form of the name,[2] much like calling Robert "Bobby."

As a surname, Hussein derives from the given name,[3] possibly as a shorted form of a patronymic surname such as bin Hussein or al-Hussein, meaning "son of Hussein citation

Muslim: from the Arabic personal name ̣Husayn, a diminutive of ̣Hasān ‘good’, ‘handsome’ (see Hasan). Husain (c. 626–680) and his elder brother Hasan were sons of the khalif €›Alī ibn Abī ̣Tālib (see Ali) and, through their mother Fatima, grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad. The death of Husain in a massacre at Karbela signaled the beginning of a long period of internecine strife in the Muslim world. Shiite Muslims regard Hasan and his brother Husain as the true successors of Muhammad, and observe the day of his death as a day of mourning. The name is popular among Sunni Muslims as well as Shiites. citation

Meaning of Obama:
The name Obama is said to be a Luo name (male) from Western Kenya. The name may be derived from "obam," meaning "bending" or "leaning." Obama is also surname in Japan and Equatorial Guinea.[1] citation

Obama is a name from the Luo ethnic group of southwestern Kenya, where Barack Obama Sr. was born. It was originally the given name of Barack Obama's great-grandfather. It is based on the Luo (technically, Dholuo, the name of the language of the Luo) word bam, which means "crooked, slightly bending" . The prefix O- means "he", and many Luo male names begin with it. Since most traditional Luo names were given by the baby's mother referring to something about the child's birth, the best guess is that when Obama's great-grandfather was born one of his arms or legs looked slightly bent. citation

So in all... if we believe that names are prophetic....

He is a crooked or leaning (leftist?) handsome man who carries with him the Islamic Prophet.

Barak (Buraq): Is the one unique creature who carried and ushered Muhammed
Hussein (Husayn): Handsome descendant of Muhammad
Obama: Crooked, Bent, Leaning (Leftist?)

Remember that this man CHOSE his OWN name. It was NOT chosen FOR him!

The 12th Imam: Who Is The 12th Imam?

Within the Shiite, (which is predominate in Iran), it is prophesied that there is a coming 12th Imam who is the great spiritual savior. This Imam is named Abu al-Qasim Muhammad or also called Muhammad al Mahdi. He is said to have been born the son of the 11th Imam, Hasan Al-Askari and his wife, the granddaughter of an Emperor. There are conflicting statements of her name being either Fatima or Nargis Khatoon.

Most accounts of the story say that al Mahdi went into hiding as a child around the age of 5 years (about 13th Century). It said he has been ‘in hiding’ in caves ever since but will supernaturally return just before the Day of Judgment. According to the Hadith the criteria for the Hidden Imam are:

He will be a descendant of Muhammad and the son of Fatima
Will have a broad forehead and pointed nose
Will return just before the end of the world
His appearance will be preceded by a number of prophetic events during 3 years of horrendous world chaos, tyranny and oppression
Will escape from Madina to Mekkah, thousands will pledge allegiance to him
Will rule over the Arabs and the world for 7 years
Will eradicate all tyranny and oppression bringing harmony and total peace
Will lead a prayer in Mekkah which Jesus will be at his side and follow in
Remarkably, the 12th Imam theory plays heavily into the world’s current concerns with Iran. The Shiite Muslim President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al Mahdi. There have been many through the years claiming to be the Hidden Imam but Ahmadinejad believes he is yet to come. He claims that he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi. In order to save the world, it must be in a state of chaos and subjugation. Ahmadinejad claims he was “directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi”. This apocalyptic directive includes some very scary proclamations.citation

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Will Barack Obama usher in the Mahdi? It's all in a name.
By: Jay Antonic
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