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38th G8 summit - Thurmont, Maryland

By: Craig Shipp

Thursday May 17 and Friday the 18th saw large numbers of press and media but few protesters in Thurmont, Maryland. But on Saturday a bus load of demonstrators arrived. The police were ready. Thurmont is at the base of the Catoctin Mountain and is only a few miles from the Camp David retreat where the G8 summit is taking place. Soolah Hoops did come to town for those who wanted to try hooping and have some fun.

Photos and video clips are below!

More about the G8: The38th G8 summitis to be held inCamp David,Maryland,United Stateson May 18-19, 2012. It is the annual meeting of theG8, a group of eight top economic powers.

The event will occur just before this year'sNATO summit.[2]The G8 summit was moved from Chicago, where it was going to be held back-to-back with the NATO summit, possibly due to fears of a large convergence of protestors.

The locations of previous G8 summits which were hosted by the U.S. includeSan Juan(1976);Williamsburg(1983);Houston(1990);Denver(1997); andSea Island(2004).

This is the first G8 summit which one of the core leaders—Vladimir Putin—chose willingly not to attend. His reasons are unknown.[3]more...

Saturday Demonstrators - Thurmont, Maryland (Click Here to download video from vimeo)

CLICK HERE to download the above photos from flickr!

CLICK HERE for a full-screen slideshow (Non-Flash iPad viewable).

Click Here for Saturday Demonstrator Photos - Slide Show!

Click Here for more about Camp David.

Letter for the Media about the genocide in Ogaden

I am writing concerning your coverage of the genocide in Ogaden.

Genocide is the ultimate crime against humanity. A government-backed genocide is unfolding in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia. As the horror in Ogaden continues, our major media sources are largely missing in action.

Like many American citizens, I rely on the news media. If an event is not reported on television, it is as if it does not happen.

I am aware that it has been over a year since the United States Congress, in a unanimous vote,It is beyond question that the events unfolding in Ogaden are newsworthy. Moreover they are of critical import to the American populace and policymakers alike. This country has long made clear that, as the sole superpower in the world, we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of world and that we have an obligation to intervene to stop suffering and injustice.In order to meet that promise we must be informed and aware of what is happening in the world. I believe the first recognized genocide of the 21st Century is news that merits the highest levels of attention from the American public. This is the single most devastating human rights challenge in the world; and we in America are sorely uninformed about it. Such information is not vital simply for our own edification - it is critical to ending this genocide. As awareness among the public and policymakers increases it creates the possibility for government response and action which will protect innocent lives, hold the guilty accountable and bring peace to a region that has suffered far too much.I am communicating with you today asking that you be a witness to genocide. Give the Ogaden Genocide the coverage it so clearly deserves.

I look forward to a response from you on this important matter

Links about the genocide in Ogaden:

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38th G8 summit - Thurmont, Maryland

By: Craig Shipp
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